Turkish Kebabs


Turkish Kebabs at Yakamoz Restaurant

Turkish Kebabs at Yakamoz Restaurant

We’re full of festive cheer here at Yakamoz Restaurant, planning all the ways we can celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Yakamoz Restaurant offers an excellent selection of Turkish Kebabs made over our  charcoal grill. Our location in the heart of Walthamstow means that we are close enough to offer you lunch and dinner to enjoy with your family and friends. We have a passion for kebab cooking and grilling with charcoal is ideal to getting the fullest and most vibrant quality flavour into the kebabs.

Catering to all your festive feasting needs, join us for dinners to enjoy our charcoal grill cooked Turkish Kebabs.

See our selection of set menu options below. Please pre-order in advance for group bookings and parties so we can  tailor the event to your liking – Please send us an email for more information or if you have any questions about fresh food and ingredients.